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Benefits from the Forty Hadeeth of Imam an-Nawawi


” This edition consists of the first twenty ahadith of the Forty Hadith Nawawi. The forty hadiths that Imam An-Nawawi has collected, in this famous book, Al-Arba’un An- Nawawiyyah, have had tremendous importance and impact on the Muslim nation for many reasons.

Firstly, these hadiths clearly make evident the unique way of speech which Allah has bestowed on His messenger, who confirmed this, when he said, “I was given Fawati’ha Al-Kalam, wa Jawami’ahu wa Khawatimah (by Allah). This hadith indicates that Allah has given His messenger a type of speech which was very unique and extremely powerful, containing tremendous meanings, yet comprised of a few words. Part 2 is forthcoming, but not yet published or available.

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