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40 Ahadeeth On The Qura’n & The Companions Of The Qura’n

Explanations by Ibn Hajar, an-Nwawawee, al-mubaarakfooree, al-Munawee, Al-Aldaanee, al uthaymeen, al-Abbaadand and more

Abu al-‘Aaliyah reports that a man once asked ‘Ubay ibn K’ab (radhiallahu anhu) for advice. He said “Take the Book of Allah as your leader, and be please with it as a judge and a ruler. it is what your messenger left amongst you. it will be a intercessor for you. It is to be obeyed. It is a witness never doubted amongst you. And in it is news about you and whatever will come after you.

This is a Compilation of more than 40 authentic hadeeths; covering The excellenc Of the Qura’n & the excellence f the companions Of the Qura’n: in this life and the here-after. Including explanations from some of the most distinguished scholars through history

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