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Forty Hadeeth Al-Aajuree

This collection of 40 hadeeth was compiled before An-Nawwawee, by Al-Imam Al-Aajuree .

The scholars’ statements about him:

Ibn Nadeem said, “He was a legal jurist and righteous servant.”

Khateeb Al-Baghdadee and As-Sam’anee said, “He was trustworthy and reliable, a person who authored many books.”

Ibn al-Jawzee said, “He was trustworthy, a scholar and a writer.”

Ibn Kathir said, “He was honest, trustworthy and devout. He authored many important books.”

Imam Ath-Thahabee said, “He was an Imam, scholar of hadeeth in Baghdad and writer of numerous books. He was a supporter and companion of the Sunnah.”

This book contains hadeeth and their explanation for vital aspects or worship, Aqeedah, and Minhaj of the Salaf.

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